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Withholding Tax Statements

Withholding Tax Statements

Be aware to withhold/ collect taxes correctly on applicable transactions
AVOID withholding tax Jeopardy & Penalties

Following transactions are subject to withholding/ collection of tax by the taxpayers:
Withholding of taxes
> Payments for goods, services and contracts
> Salary payments
> Payment of royalty to resident persons
> Dividends, Profit on Debt
> Return on Investment in Sukuks
> Payment for foreign produced commercials
> Payments to non-residents
> Prizes & winnings
> Exports
Collection of taxes
> Advance tax on sales to distributors, dealers and wholesalers
> Advance tax on sales to retailers
> Advance tax on dealers, commission agents and arhatis, etc.
> Brokerage and Commission
Pakistan tax laws requires taxpayers to withhold/ collect taxes on applicable transactions and file with the FBR bi-annual withholding tax statements.

Our professionals can assist you in explaning withholding tax implications on applicable transactions and file biannual withholding tax statements with FBR. Contact us for assistance

Due Dates

Period Date
For the half-year ending on the 30th June up to July 31st
For the half-year ending on the 31st December up to January 31st