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Tax Appeals and Litigation

Tax Appeals and Litigations

Feel aggrieved of any adverse order issued by tax authorities. Safeguard your INTEREST! File an APPEAL with appellate authorities.

The understanding of law developed over long years of experience, commitment and challenges will enable the our legal representatives to put your case in the BEST possible way. Contact us for assistance
B Brainstorming your case
E Evaluating the facts
S Simplifying the arguments
T Tackling the odds

Appellate forums available under the tax laws in Pakistan and the time limit to file an appeal after receipt of order.

Common mistakes in appeal filing and pleading, including:
> Insufficient understanding of taxpayer's business and circumstances
> Failing to thrash out the laws applicable on the taxpayer's business
> Not reading the aggrieved order properly
> Not checking it arithmetically, if any figures are involved
> Failing to understand the plausibility of drawing such a conclusion in light of given arguments
> Missing relevant grounds of appeal
> Misunderstanding the underlying meaning of law
> Not building your arguments with proper reasoning backed by legal precedent
> Pleading without preparation and logical reasoning

Appellate forums

# Authority Time Limit
1st Commissioner Inland Revenue (Appeals) 30 Days
2nd Appellate Tribunal 60 days
3rd Honorable High Courts 90 days
4th Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan 180 days