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POS Integration

Integrate your sales with FBR's
          Do live reporting of your sales
                   Avoid Tax Penalties

Don't just integrate your sales reporting system with FBR's, INTEGRATE IT CORRECTLY TO AVOID ANY HASSEL.
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Following person who falls in any of the following categories are required to integrate all their POSs with FBR’s computerized system.:
(a) a retailer operating as a unit of a national or international chain of stores;
(b) a retailer operating in an air-conditioned shopping mall, plaza or centre, excluding kiosks;
(c) a retailer whose cumulative electricity bill during the immediately preceding twelve consecutive months exceeds Rupees twelve hundred thousand;
(d) a wholesaler-cum-retailer, engaged in bulk import and supply of consumer goods on wholesale basis to the retailers as well as on retail basis to the general body of the consumers”;
(e) a retailer, whose shop measures one thousand square feet in area or more; and
(f) all resturants, snack bars & cafes, etc.

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Please note that in case there is a change in the name address, or other particulars as stated in the registration certificate, the registered person shall notify the change within fourteen days of such change.
Further, please note that the change in the business category shall be allowed after tax authority has verified the manufacturing facility and confirmed the status as industrial consumer of the electricity and gas distribution companies.

Our team can assist you to apply for de-registration / cancellation of registration with FBR, If you No longer required to file Sales Tax Return under the law. Contact us for assistance
Following persons can be de-registered:
> Who ceases to carry on the business, or
> Whose supplies become exempt from Sales Tax, or whose turnover becomes less than the threshold level can apply for cancellation of the registration

Penalties on failing to integrate with FBR.

Description Outcome
Penalty on failing to integrate Rs 1 million
In event of continuous failure to integrate May face sealing of premises and embargo on sales
Another disadvantage on failure to integrate Adjustable input tax will be reduced by 15%