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Be a Tax Filer.Be Responsible.
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Any income earned in Pakistan is basically Pakistan-Source income. Some of the common Pakistan source Incomes are as under:
> Dividend paid by Resident Company
> Profit on debt paid by a Resident Person
> Property or rental Income from the lease of immovable property in Pakistan
> Salary received or receivable from any employment exercised in Pakistan wherever paid
> Salary paid by, or on behalf of, the Federal Government, a Provincial Government, or a local Government in Pakistan, wherever the employment is exercised
> Pension or annuity paid or payable by a Resident or permanent establishment of a Non-Resident
> Any income from business carried on in Pakistan
> Any income from other sources earned in Pakistan

> Evidence of Legal Sourced Income
> Safeguard your Money & Assets
> Helpful during Application of visa processing for reconciliation of income
> Helps you pay right taxes not extra taxes
> Previous year losses can be adjusted against future Incomes
> Helpful in Easy Loan processing from banks
> No Penalities from Income Tax Department
> Helps claiming Tax Refunds
> Be a responsible and honest citizen
> Grow your business without any hesitation