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Branch Office

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Branch Office is established by a foreign company to fulfill its contractual obligations with the public or private sector in Pakistan. Their activity will be restricted to the work mentioned in the agreement/contract signed. However they cannot undertake any commercial/trading activities.

We are always at your service to assist you in setting up a 'Branch office' in Pakistan to carry on your business activities without any hesitation. Contact us for assistance

The permission shall be issued for a period of '1-5 years'. The permission granted by BOI shall be renewable subject to provision of all required documents and fees.

  • 1) Copy of Registration of Company duly attested by respective Pak Embassy
  • 2) Copy of Article of Memorandum of Association duly attested by respective Pak Embassy
  • 3) Copy of Resolution /Authority letter of the company to establish Branch Office in Pakistan
  • 4) Company Profile
  • 5) CV of Designated person authorized to act on behalf of the company + copies of Passport & NIC
  • 6) Copy of Contract/Agreement with following information clearly indicating in the document & duly flagged/annexed:
  • 7) Contract Agreement: Name of Project/work
  • * Starting Date: ------------------- (Page ---- clause------ of Contract)
  • * Validity period (Page-----clause----of Contract)
  • * Defects period (if any) (Page ---- clause ---- of Contract)
  • * Contract signed/made Between: Names of All Parties
  • 8) Original Receipt of processing fee of 3000US$ of Branch Office
  • Prescribed Fees

    # Office Type Fee Amount
    1 Branch Office $3000 - Yearly
    2 Sub-Branch Office $1500 - One time fee
    3 Renewal of Branch Office $1000 - Yearly